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Single rail system

K2 system – SingleRail System

K2 system - SingleRail System

SingleRail System

The SingleRail mounting system for photovoltaic assemblies is suitable for roofing with pan tiles and corrugated fibre cement or corrugated sheet metal. The roof fastening is done using roof hooks or hanger bolts.

  • Quick and low-cost with direct lateral connections to the rail without additional components including customised height adjustment
  • Secure snap-in assembly – without needing to be screwed to the base plate
  • In combination with CrossHook roof hooks, SingleRail forms a powerful and multi-talented team


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K2 system – Tile roofing

K2 system - Tile roofing

Tile roofing

K2 mounting systems for tile roofing offer solutions for nearly every roof tile type. The majority of applications can be covered with the three roof hooks SingleHook, CrossHook 3S and 4S. The mounting rail families SingleRail and SolidRail are suitable here.

Our range of roof hooks offers solutions for pantiles, plain tiles, mission tiles, slate roofing, concrete tiles and regional specialities like Coppo.

  • Pan tiles
    • SingleHook
    • CrossHook 3S (with CrossBoard for assembly independent from rafters)
    • CrossHook 4S (with CrossBoard for assembly independent from rafters)
    • Stainless steel roof hook with fixed or adjustable height (Vario 1 and Vario 2)
  • Plain tile: Stainless steel roof hooks for single- and double coverage
  • Slate tile: Roof hook with slots for flexible placement of the mounting rail
  • Coppo: Height-adjustable roof hooks
  • Flat concrete roofing tile: CrossHook 2 (BS EN 490)
  • Steel roof panels type “Gerard”: CrossHook 2G