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Fast and easy energy saving ingeteam inverters

Why use Ingeteam


A unique, simple and cost effective solution for rural areas and industrial companies without a good grid infrastructure. Diesel gensets are non-renewable and due to high prices of fuel may result in power outage due to unaffordability. Integating of solar can lower fuel and energy cost.

Diesel vs PV

diesel vs PV


Photovoltaic inverter injects current in to the diesel grid, which is detected by the genset as a load reduction.on.

Continuous operation diesel systems

Ingeteam diesel and pv integration

Why use Diesel-PV integration:
 To generate a minimum load for the generators, to ensure longer engine life.
 To protect against reverse power, in case of a total load disconnection.
 To ensure stability against irradiance variations due to cloud shading.

Elements of the Diesel-PV solution

Load controlThe Ingecon ® EMS Manager allows
switching loads on when the genset
load level is low and there is a PV generation surplus.I
The installation can be monitored by
using the software Ingecon ® EMS