Big Boy Backplate

Size Matters

Elevate Your Energy Game with the Big Boy Backplate

Discover the next evolution in renewable energy solutions – the Big Boy Backplate by Current Automation. This innovative system is designed to revolutionize your off-grid Victron Hybrid setup, delivering a new level of performance, flexibility, and efficiency.

Big Boy new 01
Big Boy new 01

Why Choose the Big Boy Backplate

Unlock the full potential of your renewable energy system with the Big Boy Backplate. Its innovative design, compatibility, and scalability makes it the ultimate choice for those seeking a greener and more efficient future.

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Unique Feature

Need more power? Need more phases? No problem! Capable of housing 2 or even 3 inverters, our Big Boy backplates offer higher, paralleled single phase power output, or split phase and 3-phase solutions. All nicely pre-wired, pre-tested and protected.


Up to 15kVA singles phase, or 5kVA per phase on a 3-phase installation.

Why choose

Perfect for high capacity systems or multi-phase systems.

Bigboy 3 phase

Engineered for 3kVA and 5kVA Victron inverters, this backplate opens a whole new world to versatility. Mix and match two identical inverters with any two MPPTs, and empower your system with GX device support for remote monitoring and assistance.

Start small and expand at your own pace. The Big Boy Backplate allows you to begin your off-grid journey with a single inverter and MPPT, scaling up effortlessly as your budget allows.

Experience effortless transport and installation, slashing labour, time, and on-site consumable costs. Your system will be up and running with minimal hassle.

Big Boy new 01

Backplate solution for Owner

Do you want a system which is professionally designed and looks like a show piece? Look no further this backplate solution is just what you need.

The backplate is also user friendly designed with all the circuit breakers labelled as well as changeover which will allow you use Eskom in the unfortunately event the inverter failed.

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