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Installation service

We have remove the strain from our clients by engineering pre-selected power solutions for our clients. We used our 23 years of experience in the industry to supply only the best and full functional systems for your home or business.

Full Turn-Key Solution

A wall mounted steel plate with inverters, charge controller, battery monitors, communication panels and wiring neatly mounted for space saving and easy access. A grade solar panels with mounting structure included.

Our Scope of Work

Assessing your information we combined
different solar solutions that will fit your power needs.

We calculated your investment, payback period, savings and earning opportunity.
This will assist you in making a clear and
cost effective decision.

Operations & Maintenance

We provide a full alternative energy installation and optional maintenance contacts will be available.

Energy Monitoring & Controls

Monitoring systems will either be included in your designed solution or optional. Monitoring includes: remote monitoring off site for inverters, PV and battery banks.

3rd Party Repair & Inspection

We only offer extra / optional after sales support on our own systems and products we supply to our clients.

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