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Unlock the Future of Renewable Energy Installation At Current Automation, we’re changing the game in the renewable energy market. Our cutting-edge solution, the “Junior Backplate,” redefines simplicity, elegance, and efficiency in every installation.

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Why Choose the Junior Backplate

Current Automation is your partner in simplifying renewable energy installations.

The “Junior Backplate” isn’t just a product; it’s an experience. Elevate your renewable energy setup with elegance and efficiency like never before.  Choose Current Automation’s Junior Backplate.

We are Building a Sustainable Future

Unique Feature

Specifically designed for our Hybrid inverter system, this backplate comes pre-wired for not only backup applications, but solar as well. This handy backplate encompasses all the necessary protection and switch-gear on the AC side, as well as the battery and solar sides, making a solar system installations as easy as 1, 2 3.


5kW inverter power and up to 6.5kW solar power, or 8kW inverter power with up to 10.4kW solar.

Why choose

If hybrid inverters are your thing then this is the inverter for you. Ensuring that you’re covered no matter your preference for solar. Purchase the complete system now and easily upgrade to solar later, the choice is yours!


Designed to seamlessly integrate with all 5kW and 8kW Deye/Sunsynk hybrid inverters, it's the perfect fit for your setup.

Enjoy the freedom of mobility. The Junior Backplate simplifies transportation and installation, slashing labor, time, and onsite consumable costs.

Say goodbye to messy wall setups. The Junior Backplate ensures a clean, professional appearance for your renewable energy system.


Backplate solution for Owner

Do you want a system which is professionally designed and looks like a show piece? Look no further this backplate solution is just what you need.

The backplate is also user friendly designed with all the circuit breakers labelled as well as changeover which will allow you use Eskom in the unfortunately event the inverter failed.

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